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Our company specializes in assisting companies with operations in Russia in the areas of accounting, law and government registration.  We have extensive experience in assisting foreign companies wishing to establish a Russian office or subsidiary company.  We are fluent in Russian and English and can assist with translation services.

We specialize in assisting new businesses and startup companies with registration, legal advice, government filings and setting up accounting systems.  We work with you to determine the right accounting system for your business and help provide the right level of assistance as it grows.



Fee   9000 rub or 300$


  • creation and translation of papers for government registration with the Central Tax  Office # 46
  • accompanying company personnel to  notary’s office
  • application for government registration ( state registration)
  • assist with choosing and applying for tax payment method
  • pickup and delivery of certificates from government registration
  • register with local tax service and pickup and delivery of tax certificate documents
  • creation of company stamp

Additional Services:

Correcting contracts – 50 $

Setting up bank account – 1 day 100$


1 “Startup Companies” Accounting service 80 $ per month including:

—  regular and on time reports about activity to tax office and  government social statistics, medical insurance  and pension departments  by post

—  consultations

2. «Young business” (from 0 to 10 transactions per month, 2 employees) 150$ per month including:

— regular and on time reports about activity to tax office and government social statistics,  medical insurance  and pension departments  PERSONALLY

— calculation of taxes due and creation of payment documents

— consultation

— cash register

— bank documents

3 “mature business” (30 – 60 transactions per month, up to 15 employees)

– from 800 per month

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